Renewable Electricity arrives to the South Hebron Hills

A Palestinian semi-nomadic community in the West Bank’s South Hebron hills (Masaffer Yatta in Arabic), one of dozens at risk of expulsion, can now comfort itself with some modern amenities and a sense of solidarity from people living far away. An Israeli-Palestinian-international collaborative effort has successfully installed a wind turbine and solar power cells, the first in a project intended to eventually reach all families of Susya village. Here is the original message:

Today on a clear sky and cold weather in the South Hebron Mountain, we have accomplished our installation with the family of Abu Sami. We have mounted a 350 W wind turbine and 130W solar panel, to charge a 12V battery. The energy is used for DC illumination and small TV set. Each of the 4 tents were equipped with a DC lamp and there is 220 V line to be used for a TV or a small refrigerator.

I would like to thank all the people who were directly involved today and those who help us get to this day.

We are making the first steps in a long journey, but today we managed to show how the sanction of the state, to prevent people from the elementary use of energy can be overcome.

Attached are few snapshots and a short video clip. We are in the process of editing a larger scale video of the project.

Thanks. Noam


Ehud adds:

To Noam’s words I’d like to add our warm gratitude to the two organizations
who sponsored this turbine and help us to bring light to Abu-Sami’s place:
British Shalom-Salaam Trust and the Center for Emerging Futures.

Don’t miss more images and a short video.

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