Settlers Attack Palestinian Shepherds – and Israel Radio Reports the Opposite

Last Tuesday (June 24) I happened to listen to the Israel Radio 8 O’Clock evening news. One news item reported two settlers from the “Ya’ir Ranch” outpost in South Hebron Hills were attacked by Palestinian shepherds and needed medical treatment. It was reported that a brawl had erupted after the settlers tried to prevent Palestinian shepherd from herding their livestock near the outpost’s fence. Consider this to be the Israeli-settlery version.

I heard a completely different version two days later, from my friend Nasser of Susya. According to Nasser, on Tuesday afternoon two shepherds from Sha’ab-El-Buttum (about 1 km north of the outpost) were herding their livestock roughly midway between their hamlet and the outpost. Around 5:30 PM, two outpost settlers approached them while throwing stones.

One shepherd – 55-year-old Haled Suleiman El-Najjar, was already wounded by “Ya’ir Ranch” settler gunshots a few years ago, and had artificial blood vessels implanted then. Some of the stones thrown by the settlers on Tuesday hit him in the implant area. the other shepherd, about 20 years old, was hit near his eye. Nasser arrived at the scene, together with two other Susya men, about an hour later. Police and military were already present.

According to Nasser, he asked the security forces to summon an ambulance, but was ignored. Nasser finally called an ambulance from the Palestinian hospital at Yatta. He said he saw the policemen take down the details of the two settlers.

Ehud Krinis

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