Installing Solar Chargers for Video and Mobile Phone in South Hebron

The video cameras that ‘B’tselem‘ distributes to families in Palestine, proved to be an important tool in documenting in the settlement and IDF harassment of the Palestinian population under the
occupation. Few recent video clips taken by these cameras shocked the public by showing brutal behavior both of the IDF and of settlers. The video documentation has some impact on the public opinion and on the political and army decision makers. It also well accepted by the Palestinians, who use it as a mean to show the world how badly they are treated under the occupation. The video camera turned to be their
legal mean to fight the daily violence inflicted in the area where they live and they are proud by their none violent action.

Many of the Palestinian communities in the south Hebron Hills, which are the target of the harassment by the settlers, are not connected to the grid. Charging the video camera batteries or even the
mobile phone is impossible.

Recently ‘B’tselem’ assigned a budget to acquire few small solar systems to charge the video cameras.

Since we at the ‘villages group’ acquired the technical experience in defining, assembling and installing the solar systems in Susya, we helped ‘B’tselem’ in the process, build a prototype and will be active in installing these systems in South Hebron Mountains communities (see the prototype photos in the attachment). The systems are based on 10W solar panel a charge controller and a small deep cycle battery. The systems will allow for day and night charging of both video and mobile phones.

Together with the renewable energy systems that we ourselves installed in Susya, there will be good coverage of mobile phone and video camera charging possibilities.

Noam Dotan
Villages Group

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