Wind Turbine Workshop at TAEQ

Yesterday (Thursday the 28th of August) we have finished a five day practical course on small wind turbine construction. The workshop was attended by 9 participants from various communities across the west bank and was hosted by TAEQ (Towns Association for Environmental Quality in the Lower Galilee region). The participants learned about the basic design principles of small scale wind turbines and then built, with their own hands, a fully functional 1kW wind turbine. Although, due to time limitations, the turbine still needs some finishing work, once it will be done the turbine will be installed, together with another one we assembled from a kit, in Susya where they will serve the community in powering refrigerators for storing and selling the milk and diary products produced in the region.
Although there were a few things we were unhappy with (naturally for a workshop running for the first time) in the course of the workshop we think it was, all in all, a success. The students were determined to make the best out of their stay in Sakhnin, were eager to learn and gained confidence in their ability to actually construct a wind turbine, combined with an understanding of the difficulties and complications involved. Many new contacts were made during the workshop between us and the students and among the students. We came out even more confident in the direction we have chosen and are already hatching up several new ideas (of which we will update once they reach maturity). We hope the participants enjoyed it as much as we did and are confident we will keep in touch and do things together.
Thanks to: Lina, Muhamad, Hamdan, Yehye, Waseem, Jalal, Alaa, Ahmad, Abed, Hannan and Hanadi.
Noam and Elad.

The gang enjoying the fruit of their labour...

The gang enjoying the fruit of their labour...

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