Villages Group’s Student Scholarships

Greetings to our friends and supporters,
Here we are at the start of a new school year in Palestinian universities.
For the past year, support of Palestinian students who can hardly afford their tuition has played an increasingly prominent role in our activity. This is especially true for students from the South Hebron Hills cave-hamlet region. This area is unique in its remoteness from institutions of learning, in the violence perpetrated daily by the local Israeli colonists/settlers against Palestinian children on their way to school, in the poverty afflicting families that eke out their living from sheep and goat raising – all these and more become insurmountable obstacles for the youngsters of the region to even complete their basic education, let alone reach a higher one. The few who do, find themselves mostly too needy to afford academic studies.
The scholarships we grant are meant to alleviate this problem and enable students to achieve their degrees within a reasonable time span of four years. Last year we awarded scholarships to ten students. This year, thanks to the generous help extended to us from our supporters in the US (US Omen) and Switzerland (Association Une Terre Deux Peuples), we have managed to expand our assistance: for the first semester we have chosen ten male students and four female students from the South Hebron Hills villages of Susya, Tuwani, Mufaqara and Tuba. Furthermore, we are granting three scholarships to one female student and two male students from the villages of Salem and Deir El Hattab in the Nablus region, where we have also been active.
We are grateful to everyone who helped us in this project and hope that we shall manage to raise additional sums for the sake of these students and others towards the beginning of this year’s second semester.
Students from the Susya area

Students from the Susya area

Boaz, Erella and Ehud
Villages Group
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