South Hebron: Israeli army blocking roads to cave dwellers area, preventing water supply

Dear Friends,

As you know if you visit this site, the main cave dwellers area in South Hebron region, known as Massafer Yatta by its residents, or Military Zone 918 in the Army lexicon, is suffering for years now under the hands of the Israeli occupation forces.

Defeated in the legal arena, after the high court of Israel approved (at least temporarily) the legal status of the cave dwellers communities, the Israeli army is fighting a ‘dirty war’ against these communities. After one of these dirty tricks – the erecting of a small concrete wall on the main road between Yatta and its Massafer (road 317) – was also abolished by the high court of justice, the army is working now inside the Massafer area, creating many roadblocks on its dirt roads, making the everyday life of its local Palestinian residents impossible.

The linked Powerpoint report was made by an Italian organization UCODEP, which is now supplying water tanks to cave dweller communities, saving their herds from dying, after the harsh drought of last year. As shown in the attached maps and photos, the army has created roadblocks that by now prevent the UCODEP water tanks from reaching the southern cave dwellers communities of Jinba, Mirkez and Halaweh, leaving these desert communities without water supply, after the long summer, while no rain is in sight.

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