Villages Group Representatives Tour Great Britain

Dear friends,
We, Erella Dunayevsky and Hamed Qawasme as representatives of the “Villages Group”, traveled across Britain for 15 days during the second half of November. The main aim was to visit people who visited Hebron and South Hebron hills and came to know us, as well as widening our connections’ web with new people. Another aim was to do some fund raising for specific needs which exist constantly in the area.
In London we met with people from Moshe House; Jews For Justice For Palestinians; and New Israel Fund and Mr. Harrison.
In Bristol – with the Easton Cowboys.
In Exeter with Mr. Tony Davis and friends.
In Cambridge – with Lawyers Without Borders, Amnesty International and students in Cambridge University.
In Leeds – with people from Together For Peace.
In Hexham – with the Quakers community.
In Edinburgh – with Scottish Palestinian Forum (S.P.F.) and the Quakers.
In Glasgow – with the West of Scotland Group of  S.P.F and Jews For Just Peace.
In Durham – with Palestinian Solidarity Campaign.
In Forfar – with the Quakers community.
The meetings were inspiring. We met with people who deeply and maturely care for human rights and human dignity. We gained a lot of strength from them all along the intensive journey.
The meetings started with an hour presentation made by both Erella and Hamed presenting the facts and numbers of the humanitarian dignity crises in the West Bank, and zooming into some of the stories which stand behind it.
Immediately after returning we’ve realized that the journey has not ended, that there is something in the encounter point with the people which is still echoing within our hearts and invites us to develop some structure which will enable it to continue – supporting the spirit as well as the financial needs resulting from the Villages Group activities in South Hebron Hills.
We, in the Villages Group, in addition to our ongoing presence in the communities of the area, see ourselves as a bridge between the local Palestinians in this peripheral remote  area and the outer world.
Therefore we invite you to think with us (through emails) what might be the efficient and effective structure to be built between us that will enable ongoing support utilizing the momentum of the tour.
The addresses are:
Hamed Qawasme: Erella Dunayevsky: Ehud Krinis:
Today while visiting Umm al-kheir, one of the elders told us:  “when you come to visit you bring us a bit from the smell of freedom”.
We thank you all again for supporting us in this tour to sustain and strengthen the above.
Yours, with much love, Hamed and Erella.
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