MachsomWatch volunteers join Villages Group tour of Massafar Yatta

MachsomWatch is an important women’s organization, active since 2001 in monitoring, documenting and mitigating human rights abuses at Occupation checkpoints.

On June 17, four MachsomWatch volunteers joined the Villages Group weekly tour of Massafar Yatta (South Hebron Hills). We discussed possibilities for further collaborations on specific projects. In Susya they met Hazar, a Palestinian psychologist working with the local children. In Hashem Al-Daraj they visited Huda’s preschool and admired Huda’s courage and perseverance under difficult conditions.

During the tour, the visitors had an opportunity to use their skills when they met an IDF patrol that decided to halt public works near Umm Al-Kheir, despite the fact the work had all the required permits. A polite but firm insistence by the volunteers helped convince the soldiers they should leave the workers alone.

MachsomWatch volunteer Aviva posted her photographs from the tour in this link.

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