Take Action on Behalf of Palestinian Susiya

Dear friends and supports,

See in the attached the letter sent by Member of the European Parliament Jude Kriton-Darling to the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy- Federica Mogherin. MEP Kriton-Darling wrote this message after the urgent situation of Palestinian Susiya was brought to her attention by friends of the Villages Group and the people of south Hebron Hills from Hexham. MEP Kriton-Darling letter contains the important details concerning the current state of affairs in Susiya’s case. This initiative stand out as a fine example on what can and should be done, in terms of political pressure, for the sake Susiya’s survival. We urge you to take similar steps and apply to your political representative and ask them to take action on behalf of Palestinian Susiya and its residents.
Information about the current risk facing Susiya can obtain in the links below.
Ehud Krinis on behalf of the Villages Group
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  • chrisrushlau  On May 20, 2015 at 5:39 pm

    I cannot understand Ophir’s intererst in this case: it seems one drop in an ocean of Israeli administration (I can’t call it law) of the so-called Jewish state. I would say it’s obvious that such a state cannot exist in law, so that whatever this state does, in any context, must be full of contradictions. So why not address the more salient issue, at a higher level of abstraction, which yet would allow the true shape of the political forces involved to emerge? I think it comes down to this: does the Jewish majority of Israel reject rule of law? Or, and to make this a multiple choice question with only two options, is there an elite in Israel, or in the Israel movement internationally, which compels Jews as much as it compels, e.g., Palestinians?
    Dan Meridor’s comments in this Haaretz article today about “an almost irreconcilable contradiction” between “the community”, a reference to “the world community”, and “the majority in this [current Israeli] government” might be taken–that’s what I’m asking–to also implicate Jews in Israel: do they want censorship laws, a weakened Supreme Court, “Jerusalem [as] the capital of the Jewish people alone” (Netanyahu this week, presumably referring to international Jews/Jewishness/Judaism (?)), etc. or do they want rule of law, whose first principle, it seems to me, is equal administration, so that any person affected by a legal decision has the right to have it proved that the decision was not arbitrary?
    Here’s an odd note from Wikipedia: “Equal justice under law is a phrase engraved on the front of the United States Supreme Court building in Washington D.C. It is also a societal ideal that has influenced the American legal system.”

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