Living Archive- Life in South Hebron Hills, Palestine

It is with great pleasure that we are now able to share with you the first stage of our initiative: a Living Archive of life in the South Hebron Hills, Palestine.

Living Archive is part oral history, part online portal, part database. The idea is to give the Palestinian villages in the South Hebron Hills an online presence on their own terms. The site enables you to “enter” a village and “meet” its residents through specially collected stories, audio recordings, video footage and photographs. In addition to this new material, the site also brings together existing articles, films and reports – all ordered by village.

Living Archive is available in Arabic, Hebrew and English. Currently, the villages of Jinba, Susiya, Tuba and Umm Al-Khair are up and ready for you to explore, with more to follow soon. Living Archive is – as its title suggests – an open-ended project which will grow and develop with the material that each village chooses to add. Additionally, on the Facebook page of Living Archive you will find updates and news from residents of each of the villages.

By putting faces to the villages of the South Hebron Hills, Living Archive hopes to break the narrative of occupation and show that daily life there is about far more than simple survival; it’s about love, persistence, laughter and catastrophe as well.

Thank you for your interest and support. Please share the links so that the journey can begin!

Greetings from the Living Archive team

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  • Christopher Rushlau  On October 22, 2016 at 11:08 pm

    Finally, a way to control terrorism at the source. Walt Kelly liked the Vietnam War, it turns out, but his guy had the saying that defines European war culture: “we have met the enemy and he is us.” That’s Pogo. I was saying a few days ago that if any Jewish Israeli ever met a Palestinian, that would be the end of Zionism. You hang around a village ten years or so, you’re liable to meet one of the inhabitants.

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