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South Mt. Hebron School Transportation Problems – and 2008/9 Plan

Dear friends and supporters,

During the last two years we focused our efforts in confronting the school transportation problems of some cave dwellers communities in south Mt. Hebron including Susya and Tuwani. In the meanwhile, the school transportation problems of neighboring communities such as Imneizel and Abu Qbeita were much intensified, as a result of the erecting of the so called ‘security barrier’, which is literally tearing apart these communities.

It’s a great shame that the big players on the ground including the Palestinian Authority, the international agencies and (almost needless to say) the Israeli occupation authorities are avoiding helping these poor and neglecting communities in facilitating the basic right of children education. In their despair the children’s parents are turning to us, in we in turn see no other choice but approaching you with the request to read and respond to the detailed proposal enclosed here .

Ehud Krinis

in the name of the Villages Group and the ad-hoc committee for the children school transportation in the south Mt. Hebron region.

Transportation Plan 2008/9 (pdf file)