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Another Round of Israeli Military Vandalism at Umm-Al-Kheir

Yesterday morning, Thursday September 8 2011, around 7 AM, the IDF military regime’s “Civil Administration” officials arrived at Umm-Al-Kheir, accompanied by a bulldozer and military forces, to destroy homes.

The residents of Umm-Al-Kheir – situated in the West Bank, roughly 8km north of its southernmost border – are Bedouins, originally living on land that became part of Israel. They were driven out following the 1948 war (see more details here), and in the 1950s purchased the land on which they live, which was then under Jordanian rule.

the 1980s the nearby Karmel settlement was established and subsidized by the Israeli government. Like all settlements, Karmel continues to expand and encroach on more and more Umm-Al-Kheir lands. The “Civil Administration” – which, on land matters, is little more than the executive arm of the settler movement despite being formally part of the IDF – always does the settlers’ bidding. Controlling the vast “Area C”, about half of the West Bank, it issues virtually no building permits to any Palestinian. And for Umm-Al-Kheir, like in other places, this “Administration” has done nothing except to inflict repeated rounds of destruction – in 2007, in 2008, and a demolition order the residents have been fighting since 2009 – which is apparently the legalistic pretext for the current destruction.

The damage done this time around: an outhouse

(see the linked story, for a poignant description of what happens after Karmel settlers succeed in depriving their neighbors of their sanitation infrastructure)

A family’s living tent (note the Karmel settlement’s houses in the background)

And a tin shack that was home to ten souls.

The state-employed vandals notified residents that they will be back in two weeks to destroy some more. Following yesterday’s demolition, the same crew attempted to destroy a nearby power line installed by a Palestinian company. In the process, one of the vandals fell off the electric pole and he is now fighting for his life at the Beersheva hospital.

Please write to the Israeli Ministry of Defense – either directly (pniot@mod.gov.il, fax +972 3 6976711) or to its Mission office in the US (info@goimod.com, fax 212-551-0264).

Ask them to stop these criminal, indefensible demolitions, and to compensate the victims.

Thank you.

New Demolition Threats in Umm al-Kheir

In the middle of last week – Wednesday Nov. 12 – the soldiers from the occupation civil administration appeared again in the two Umm al-Kheir clusters, next to the settlement of Carmel in south Mt. Hebron. In their old tradition of “civil service”, they distributed 11 orders of halting constructing work – the legalistic act which precedes house demolition.

As the people of those two clusters of Umm al-Kheir, don’t have much of construction work left – most of their constructed houses were demolished in the many rounds of house demolition that were inflicted on them by the civil administration (see also here the 2007 demolition, in which Ezra Nawi was charged while trying to stop it)– the current halt-construction orders were addressed mostly to tents (donation of the Red Cross form the last round of demolitions), tin shacks, an outhouse and a toilet hole, along with three built houses located in the farthest spot form the settlement.

This indiscriminate mode of operation reveals the real end of the civil administration acts – to make the life of the local residents (who had lived there for 30 years before the establishment of the Israeli settlement in the 1980’s) so unbearable, so they would leave there dwellings out of their “free will”.

Ehud Krinis