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2NEIGHBORS: A New Villages Group Partner Project

Dear Friends and Supporters,

We in the Villages Group get much satisfaction in enabling others develop their own initiative through us. For the last two years we served as the mother organization and the close partners of the COMET-ME team, and their renewable energy project. This incubation term is now over. COMET-ME team will continue to develop the energy project with us by their side, but from the organizational point of view, they are by now completely independent, with their own NGO status.

While The COMET-ME energy project already won much publicity and success, another very important project, is now emerging and getting its stature, which we in the Villages Group served at the time as mother (in a more practical than organizational manner). This is the 2NEIGHBORS initiative which promises to bring livelihood to women in the caves dwellers area in south Mt. Hebron and elsewhere in the Occupied Territories, and to encourage cooperation between Palestinians and Israelis. I urge you to visit the 2NEIGHBORS website and think of ways each one of you can contribute to the success of this initiative.


Ehud Krinis
Villages Group