Israeli Army demolishes Water Cisterns in Khashem Ad-Daraj (Video)

This harrowing video from Operation Dove documents the demolition of three water cisterns and two old wells in the bedouin villages of Khashem Ad-Daraj-Hathaleen, in South Hebron Hills, on December 14, 2010. Most of the destroyed structures predate the Israeli Occupation by decades if not more.

We are quite familiar with these villages. Earlier this year, the Villages Group has established contact with Huda, the preschool teacher at Hashem Ad-Daraj, and we have since helped the preschool with supplies.

The recent destruction of water sources in this hilly desert region is clearly part of the ongoing atrocious government campaign to suffocate Palestinian existence in “Area C”, comprising 60% of the West Bank – in order to eventually annex these regions to Israel.

See also Operation Dove’s press release on the destruction.

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  • Christopher Rushlau  On December 25, 2010 at 8:08 pm

    You just don’t understand the majest of law. Law is what distinguishes us from the filthy Arab animals, may God eraticate them with healthful ultraviolet rays. My evidence? Listen to the beeping of the front-end loaders as they back up. It is a warning to rational human beings such as ourselves to watch out, because here comes the bulldozer which might accidentally crush you if you are not a rational person, but even if you are, it is giving you a chance to get out of the way.
    I wonder if the Israeli government has stealth bulldozers, lacking the back-up beepers, for when it has to crush people or things of a special security status.
    Wait. Did you get the proper permit to read this?


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