Erella’s Update on Harun’s Treatment in Re’ut Rehabilitation Hospital

Greetings to our friends who accompany Harun and help us support his rehabilitation,

For three weeks now, Harun has been hospitalized in Israel at the rehabilitation hospital “Re’ut”, in the ventilated patients’ section.

On Monday, a meeting was held of the hospital’s medical team, that included the head physician of the department, the physiotherapist, social worker, coordinator Evelyn, Harun’s mother, and Yair and myself of the Villages Group which has been accompanying Harun from the day of his injury.

The physician has reported that since Harun was hospitalized at Re’ut, his condition has improved. His body is getting stronger, the bedsores which endangered his life are gradually healing, and most important – he has begun a ‘weaning’ process from the ventilator. She believes that soon Harun will be able to breathe independently and speak again in his own voice.

The neck muscles that were not injured will enable Harun to learn to sit stable. However, he will probably remain unable to move his arms and legs. If he is able to move even a single finger, he could be mobile in an electric wheelchair. The medical team will do everything it can in order to rehabilitate whatever is possible. Time will tell, and the process is still in its beginning stages.

At the end of our meeting with the medical staff, I dared ask the physician whether she can estimate how long Harun needs to remain hospitalized. I apologized and explained that I ask such a difficult question because the financing of this rehabilitation is private, not institutional – we are raising these funds from donations and even a primary estimate will be of help. The doctor was very respectful and understanding, and said she thinks it might take two-three months.

We share this interim report with you, for without your help Harun would not have reached this present stage. His condition three weeks ago was precarious. Unless he had arrived at the rehabilitation hospital with your help, he would not have survived.

All our efforts to persuade the Palestinian Authority to finance it have been in vain. The only way we had left was to reach out for help. And you heard our call, each in their own way, and sent to us – each with their ability – that enabled Harun to begin the long road to rehabilitation.

We are now sending out more calls. Donations so far have sufficed to cover the first month and another 20 days of the second month. The hospital requires payment ahead of time – at the beginning of each month. The date on which the second payment is close at hand, and we still do not have enough to cover the full cost of the second month (28,000$\90,960 NIS), and nothing for the third month.

We search for the right word that would express what our hearts, and the hearts of Harun and his family feel for you, and cannot find anything worthier than heartfelt gratitude.

‘Grateful’ echoes the word ‘grace’, and that is very suitable here.

On behalf of the Villages Group and HIRN

Please transfer your donations as follows:

If you are in the UK:!/DonationDetails

If you are in the USA:

If you are elsewhere: 

Account Name: Hibuk Olam (registered NGO:580564995)
Bank Name: Bank Leumi

Bank Identification Code: LUMIILITXXX

Routing Code: IL010806

Account Number: 0630619648

Bank Address: 50 Dizengoff St.  Tel-Aviv, Israel 6433222

IBAN Number: IL 05010806-00000-30619648

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