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Help us to help the People of Susya

The Villages Group is involved in Susya in different ways: • The COMET renewable energy project ( – This project is about to its next stage, this time with the help of the German Consulate and the Firedoll NGO. • Transportation of children to school (from Susiya and elsewhere in the region) – There […]

Installation of renewable energy utility center at Susya

Dear friends, After much work in the past weeks we have finally completed the installation of the utility center with the Shineran family in Susya this week. The center, which serves 8 families with about 1000 heads of sheep, includes a refrigerator and a butter making machine and is powered by a hybrid wind and […]

Renewable energy Project in Susya, South Hebron Mountain

Renewable Energy Project in Susya-Documentary Trailer

Sixteen Family Solar-Power Units Installed in Susya Region

— This message from Noam — embedded pictures soon to follow … meanwhile you can watch the slide show put together by Eduardo Soteras who was there and took pictures Assaf —————————– We are very pleased to inform you that all the installations of the first stage of the project in Susya are completed successfully. […]

Palestinian Family from Susya Assaulted by Settlers

Last week, the Nawaj’a family of Susya was assaulted by masked settlers. The mother, Tamam Hamees Nawaj’a was badly beaten, her face and hands were swollen and she was taken to the Soroka hospital in Beer Sheba. Later, Ehud brought her son and daughter to visit. Her husband and his nephew were taken for treatment […]

Flashback: The “Inner Light” Shines on Susya, Hanukka 2007

This report from Erella was sent to me over a month ago; it is still relevant – Assaf. —————– Friday. Fourth candle of Hanukka. Ehud and I drive out from our home kibbutz Shoval on a routine visit to our Palestinian friends of Tuwwani and Susya, 40 minutes to our east. A grayish day sealing […]

The story of the Shineran Family from Susya

The Shineran family used to live in a cave-dwelling village near the site of ancient Susya. In the mid-1980’s, when Israel declared the site a National Park (though it lies outside Israel’s legal borders), the entire village including the Shinerans was expelled by the military. Part of the family had relocated to a hill situated […]

Susya Renewable Energy Project: How You Can Help

This is a follow-up to last week’s post. Whit Jones, the founder of Center for Emerging Futures which is one of the project’s sponsors, offers the charity’s online click-to-donate interface for anyone wishing to support it. Below are Whit’s instructions to make sure your money gets to Susya: Individuals interested in contributing through a US […]

Last Week’s Demolitions in South Mt. Hebron – A Report by Erella

November 30, 2020 Dear friends, For sixteen years I have walked at Nasser’s side. He was 20-years old when we first met. His youthful dream was to become a vet. Luckily that didn’t work out, otherwise – how could he have grown to become the one to document as a researcher of B’Tselem of the […]