A Workshop at Kibbutz Shoval With Friends from South Mt. Hebron

Shalom Friends,

We held a small workshop at Kibbutz Shoval on Thursday-Friday, 11-12.2.

The workshop was initiated by Fatima, our colleague from Susya, for the purpose of creating a basis for local cooperation in the area of South Mt. Hebron.

We have visited South Mt.Hebron every week for years now and enjoyed the hospitality of our friends there; we were very glad of the opportunity to host some of our friends from that area in our home.

Three couples joined us for the workshop: Fatima and Khaled from Susya/Yata, Na’ama and Eid and Sara and Aziz from Umm al- Kheir. Part of the workshop was to enable our friends from South Mt. Hebron, who were visiting us for the first time, to get to know us better, the circumstances of our lives and the place we live in – Kibbutz Shoval. We also visited the local preschool, where the guests spoke with the teachers and the children.

The workshop was also devoted to discussions concerning possibilities of development for young Palestinians in the area of South Mt. Hebron, in light of the internal problems of life in a traditional society, and the external circumstances of life under Israeli occupation.

We are grateful to Buma and Danny (who also took the great photos attached) for the help they gave us during the workshop, and hope that the momentum created in this first course of action will continue and expand in the near future.


Ehud and Erella

The Village Group

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